Bridge Latino is a multicultural marketing agency focusing on the Latino/Hispanic market and based in Seattle, WA.


We are personally ingrained in the Latino/Hispanic community and this is why we are able to share our deep understanding and insights with you.


Tere Carral is the Founder and CEO of Bridge Latino. Born in Mexico, Tere initiated her marketing career with Procter and Gamble Mexico, managing high-revenue brands like Downy, Maestro Limpio, and Ariel. She was selected to transfer to the P&G headquarters in Cinncinati, OH where she managed the global strategy for Downy and the Downy brand in the US. Prior to joining Esparza+, Tere's previous employers included Cranium, The Schwan's Food Company (Tony's Pizza brand), and the Topps Company/Wizkids. Tere also worked as a consultant for Gallo wines, Discovery Bay Games, and other game startups. Tere Carral worked for Esparza+ LLC since 2012 and that is where her love for the Hispanic market grew.


If you are looking for a strong relationship with a trusted agency with an expertise in multicultural marketing, we are the agency for you!


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